Bernardy/Girard/McDonald/Meyer/Walsh Grill-a-Thon, July 19-20, Worthington & Luverne

Shared spreadsheet for idea sharing and RSVP:

Here's how long it's been since we did this (July 1998):

Spouses will probably enjoy these from 1995 (sorry that they're a little fuzzy; must be the scanner):

Worthington, July 19

Day's Inn: $70-80, has a pool.
Address: Prairie Dr, Worthington, MN 56187
Phone:(507) 295-9185
Hotel class: 2 stars
Right off I-90 near 59, I believe.

Holiday Inn Express: $118, has a pool
Address: 1250 Ryan's Rd, Worthington, MN 56187
Phone:(507) 372-2333
Hotel class: 3 stars
Behind Wal-Mart.

AmericInn: $130, has a pool
Address: 1475 Darling Dr, Worthington, MN 56187
Phone:(507) 376-4500
Hotel class: 2 stars

Super 8: $70-80, no pool
Address: 850 Lucy Dr, Worthington, MN 56187
Phone: (507) 372-7755
Right off I-90 at exit 42, I believe it is. It's a county road, not 59 or 60.

There's a motel and a Traveler's Lodge (a Holiday Inn in the '80s) as well.

Olson Park camping: Site link

Centennial Park: We have the picnic shelter reserved for the day, which is 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

That doesn't mean we have to be there all morning, though, of course! People are welcome to arrive throughout the day, especially if folks want to see any of the "sights" in Worthington and go out to eat in groups for lunch before heading to the park or can't get to Worthington early.

Rules of the park document is at the bottom of this page as a downloadable pdf. We can have beer and wine coolers but no hard liquor, and if minors drink (even without my knowledge) I can be prosecuted because I'm the one who reserved the shelter. Probably the biggest part of cleanup will be moving the tables back the way they were originally. 

Food options 
Please enter your preference and RSVP here:
Food Preference Form & Number Count **** PLEASE CLICK *****

Saturday Lunch
1) People are on their own Saturday to go out to eat, bring something to the park to grill for themselves & a side to share or bring take-out to the park.
2) We have lunch catered (meat only) & people bring sides to share.
3) Some catered food & some people bring their own to grill or grab take-out.
4) Full picnic catered with sides and desserts.
5) We order pizzas.

Saturday Supper
Kinbrae Steakhouse party room reserved for 5 p.m. (We would want to leave the park at 4:30 to go directly to the restaurant; it's about 20 miles.) Estimated 50, but would like to get back to them closer to the event with a good number. They said we could have three meats on the buffet, so I picked roast beef, pork roast and broasted chicken. I will find out what else is on the buffet. That many people can't really order off the menu all at the same time without overwhelming the kitchen. Everyone pays for their own. Sounds like it'll be about $11 per person, with kids less.
Directions to Kinbrae from Centennial Park; I don't think that the road is marked Wass; it's County Road 1 from Brewster & it's in the middle of nowhere.

Sunday Lunch
1) Bring what you'd like to grill for yourself & a side to share or grab some take-out to eat in the picnic shelter at the Vet's Home in Luverne
2) Order pizzas.

Please bring life jackets for kids who'll play by the lake.

Activities in the park
Park equipment
Lawn games
Tennis and basketball courts, skateboard ramps nearby

Activities outside of the park

Golfing: Worthington Country Club (has trees):

Prairie View Links Golf Course (not much for trees):

Dayton house tours are available, but we'd need to schedule that in advance. If anyone is interested, don't be shy.

Pioneer Village information:

Luverne July 20, 11:30-3:30
The Vets' Home 3-season porch (with electricity, sink, fridge, bathroom, grills, fishing pond, putting green), has been reserved so that cousins far and wide can have a second day of socializing, and Carole Bernardy can see everyone, too. We usually book it for her birthday, but this is a really special day. If everyone is going to be in Worthington the day before, it's only 30 minutes down the road from there. You might as well take the long way home. And, if you can't make it on Saturday to Worthington, you can still visit w/ family for the afternoon on the 20th.

Cathy Jones,
Apr 18, 2014, 6:55 AM