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Though I have not pursued many projects on Upwork, it is still worthwhile for me to have the option. Mainly I have been too busy with projects from existing clients to go on Upwork/Elance much.

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Clients Past & Present
I have stock photos up with Photographer's Direct and sold a photo in January 2010 of Pipestone National Monument to a publisher in the U.K. through this service.

Arabian Horse World
I process horse show results for AHW with Excel. Excel is my favorite application. (It appeals to my hyper-organized side.)

Atlantic Publishing
I copyedited about two dozen books for Atlantic in 2008, using InDesign. On my Editing and Writing Credits page, you can see the range of topics.

Chicago Review Press
Chicago Review Press sends me the most enthralling books to work on, from educational books on history and explorers to tales of journalists hunting Sasquatch. It's so much fun to work on CRP's well-written manuscripts.

eHow/Leaf Group
In 2007 I wrote a few articles for eHow just for fun, mostly drawing on knowledge gained through eight years enjoying myself working on a record-collecting magazine. The articles get rewritten there after five years or so, so mine are on their way out. The titles included: "How to Appraise and Enjoy a Collection of 78 rpm Records," "How to Buy or Sell A Beatles 'Butcher Cover' Record,"  "How to Store and Ship Records," "How to Appraise an Elvis Presley Record Collection," "How to Appraise and Enjoy a Collection of 78 RPM Records," "How to Appraise a Beatles Record Collection, "How to Appraise and Sell an Introducing the Beatles Record," "How to Identify a Rare Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Record," and "How to Understand the Used-Records Market."  I worked for the parent company, Demand Media, as a copy chief for five years until a major restructuring. I reviewed work of copy editors and edited blog posts and articles in the home, decor, garden, hobbies and crafts areas as well. In 2009, I edited about 3,500 articles for Demand. I still edit articles occasionally for the company's partners.

I worked on digital middle school social studies and English language arts educational materials through Edgenuity.

Marshall Cavendish
I worked on K-12 library nonfiction for Marshall Cavendish before the company got bought and stopped using freelancers.

I've worked on some books for the Motorbooks and Zenith imprints.

I worked on college-level U.S. History and Introduction to Information Technology online course assessments.

Triumph Books
I started proofreading sports books for Triumph in late October 2008. What fun!

Viking Woodcrafts, Inc.
I first edited books for Viking Woodcrafts in 2006 and started doing craft project photography for the books in 2007.

Willow Wolfe/Princeton Brush 
I worked on a series of painting booklets for professional artist Willow Wolfe and work on marketing materials for Princeton Brush through my contact with Willow.

Wisewire, Inc.
Through Wisewire I have edited educational materials for Discovery Education, Apex Learning, Pearson Education, Gale/Cengage, and Wizard/Knewton.

James Zarzana
The first fiction novel I ever copy edited was a 200,000-word sci-fi novel by my former professor, The Marsco Dissident, which is part one of a series of four books. I'm honored that he pegged me for it, as I've worked only on nonfiction during my publishing career. I also worked on the second installment of the series.

Professional Affiliations

Professional Editors Network


John Hamson, Programmer
John is a freelance programmer specializing in web application development and web design.

Jon Lucca, Graphic and Web designer
Jon is a graphic designer with website programming skills. He is also a photographer and musician and a cofounder of Twig Case.

Favorite Former Employers

Goldmine magazine
The best job in the world has to be working on a classic rock magazine. For Goldmine (and for a couple of years, concurrently with Discoveries) I did editing, planning, assigning, managing freelancers, photo research, layout, writing and photography. Goldmine came out every two weeks, and Discoveries came out monthly. We had an editorial staff of two, and we had a blast putting out the magazines. Before the Internet really hurt publishing and eBay hurt classified ad sales, Goldmine used to be nearly 200 pages and have more than 40,000 editorial words in each issue. I worked on more than 200 issues of Goldmine during my tenure there.

Waseca County News
Everyone's writing or publishing career should start out with a small-town newspaper. You learn more about how the world works than any government or civics class could teach. It's  also an education in life. You really become part of a community, and people will tell you their struggles and triumphs. Amazing. You also learn very quickly what "deadline" means. If the paper is leaving the building at 8:30 a.m., it's leaving at 8:30 a.m., and that's all there is to it.