About Me

Wearing out red and non-repro blue pencils since 1994

I feel very fortunate in my life to do what I love—and I love copy editing. I work to improve other people's writing by cutting out wordiness, replacing imprecise words, and fixing grammar/punctuation, and I do it seamlessly, without taking over the author's voice or changing intent. I am very organized and detail-oriented and edit to AP or Chicago. I've also handled work in APA and the Gregg's Manual of Style.

During the in-house portion of my career I worked for a music magazine (where I also helped with the parent company's music books), a children's nonfiction book publisher, and a local newspaper. Since becoming a full-time freelancer more than ten years ago, I've worked on projects for a business book publisher, painting book (crafts) publisher, sports book publisher, a financial planner, general interest and business magazines (writing), websites and blogs (crafts, home decor, DIY, pets, and more), education publishers (digital textbooks and assessments as well as college-level reference material), special-interest magazines (horses), directories, individual authors, and so much more. I'm learning something every day, and I love it.

It occurred to me one day that some of my clients have been with me the whole time I've been freelancing, or at least most of it, making them among the longest employers of my career. That's a testimonial to my long-lasting relationships and quality work if there ever was one. Time certainly does fly by when you're having fun.

A good portion of my 2020 was focused on a digital-only ELA textbook project, with most of my work happening in grades 6–12. I also spent time creating study guides for undergraduate textbooks in business, social studies, and anatomy; fact-checking science texts for a middle school product; editing and fact-checking news articles; working on books aimed toward preschool teachers; and editing marketing materials for a health care provider—among other projects.

The majority of 2019 was spent on a digital ELA textbook project, where my client was developing the digital companion to a revised book edition, for grades 6–12. It's been a pleasure to work on. I did work on some SEO articles and print books, as well as other projects as well during the year.

2018 was filled with articles on geography, writing, grammar, music, collecting, business, and gardening—more than 750 of them. I also had some wonderful fiction cross my desk, English language arts textbooks, and even teacher training materials.

In 2017 I edited a lot of education materials, such as U.S. history (college), sociology (college), biology (high school), and even physics (high school) texts and assessments. I had a variety of self-published works come by my desk, too, both fiction (children's and adult) and nonfiction (targeted audiences). Thanks to my work on a novel for one author, I was honored with the task of looking at her poetry. I had a long-awaited science fiction novel cross my desk (the third in a series), and another author requested my help in fleshing out some fast-action scenes by writing some dialogue for them. Now that's trust in your editor! It was a wonderful challenge, and I'm so pleased that she enjoyed my work with her characters.

In 2016 I worked almost exclusively on an academic project geared toward early college students and AP high school students. The project is a series of social studies and humanities ebooks (economics, psychology, world and U.S. history, Western civ, and philosophy, among other disciplines). There were about 2,500 essays; each "book" had 10 essays, and each series had 10 books. Some disciplines had multiple series. As the editorial coordinator on the project, I kept assignments flowing to editors and offered feedback on their work as well as serving as the final set of eyes on many of the articles. At the end of the year I also had some additional work on the ELL project from the year prior. It's so lovely when clients want you back.

In 2015 I filled my time with editing, proofreading, and fact-checking books for several publishers; crafts/DIY/home/decor project articles and blog posts; copy editing and proofing project sheets and other marketing materials for Princeton Artist Brush Company; and project managing the revamping of a worldwide ELL course, among other work.

2014 saw more work on electronic textbooks (multiple publishers); K–12 nonfiction; business; and home decor, DIY, crafts, and hobbies content. In the spring when I noticed that one of my favorite cafés hadn't posted on its Facebook page since September 2013, I sent the owners a proposal to work on their social media marketing. "Like"s are going up, and the posts about special events, the weekly specials, menu items, and other promotions are reaching the desired audience.

Writing marketing text is a skill of mine that I haven't promoted much, for some silly reason. Because of my background in media writing feature stories, I can of course write PR materials, such as About Us business history website text.

For every book I worked on for Viking Woodcrafts, my duties included writing a press release for it, so contact me with your needs in this area. I've also written press releases for other clients' books.

2013 will go down in my career history as the year of the electronic textbook. I worked on social studies, economics, English language arts (ELA) and adult English learner (EL) lessons, and textbooks for multiple clients.

A friendly, type A introvert who will meet your deadlines

In 2012 I attended three seminars on producing e-books and edited my first direct-to-e-book projects, taking them from outline to document ready for conversion in about a month. I worked as developmental editor and copy editor and even helped one writer out with sources and research when needed because of a three-week timeline. I look forward to working on more e-books for clients. It's a major part of publishing right now and is evolving quickly as new tablets and file types are introduced to the market. I also worked on middle school social studies lessons, from U.S. and world history to geography and current events. I did some fact-checking and edited informational text and study questions; the lessons were real brain-benders, but it was very rewarding to pick through the information and make sure it was the most up-to-date, precise text that would challenge students' critical-thinking skills.

In 2011 I added these services: fiction copy editing and K–12 nonfiction fact-checking. It had been a while since I'd worked on student library books; it was nice to get back into it. My first fiction project was a 200,000-word manuscript that's part of a series of four books. Why ease into something when you can jump right in?

In 2010 I was promoted to copy chief for Demand Studios, which I did for five years, until the company eliminated the job category. I took help desk questions from writers and reviewed the work of a team of copy editors. My CE team ranged from 20 to 120 members. In 2012 my copy chief duties changed to reviewing home/DIY writers and copy editors for the company. I was also the chief for the crafts section as of 2013 and hobbies and games section beginning in 2014.

In 2009 I worked on about 20 books for two U.S. publishers as an editor, copy editor, proofreader, and/or photographer. I wrote about 20 articles for three local publications and websites and edited about 3,500 articles for website clients.

As a full-time freelancer in 2008 I worked on more than 30 books for three U.S. publishers as an editor, copy editor, proofreader and/or photographer. I also wrote more than 20 articles for four publications local to southern Minnesota.

As an organized, detail-oriented individual, I also enjoy working with data in Excel. Does your company need an index database built to track all of your published works? A directory or a media contacts database updated? A textbook turned into an electronic product? For more information on my services, see the Services Offered page. For examples of my work and publication credits, see the Clips and Editing and Writing Credits pages, respectively. Contact me through the Contact form.