Stock & Other Photography

My current photography work includes work in my studio taking photos for Tim's Custom Engraving, a business by a local craftsman who makes beautiful laser-engraved pieces and crafts/signs from many different types of wood. If you need photos for your website or a catalog, contact me.

A few years back, I had the pleasure of taking pictures of fluffy cows on spec for a children's book publisher. I couldn't resist snapping this cow checking out my camera bag. If you love fluffy cows and need to license one for a project, please contact me for a contact sheet.

Click here to see or download an older sample photos contact sheet.

Past freelance photography work has included food images for a local restaurant's Facebook page as well as painted decor items for craft publisher Viking Woodcrafts, which needed both close-up shots to help illustrate the painting instructions and overall "beauty" shots of the projects. Pictured here is a page from Country Primitives 15 by Maxine Thomas. I took photos for more than a dozen books by the publisher.

During my eight years on Goldmine, I of course shot concert and other photos for the magazine but also had pictures published in other Krause Publications such as Old Cars Weekly: A Collector’s Guide to Muscle Cars, and Sports Collectors' Digest (Minnesota Twins photos). More information on my concert photography and related photo credits is available on the Music Photos page.

I also worked for the Waseca County News for more than three years as a reporter/photographer and so published photos in sister publications and other regional newspapers as well, including the Janesville Argus, The County Farmer, and Senior News Magazine.

Other photo credits include:

Hit Parader (magazine, see also my Music Photos page)

100 Journeys for the Spirit, Watkins Publishing, Pipestone National Monument, full-page photo in the book

XII, Internz Publishing Inc. (magazine)

Minnesota Smoke-Eater, Minnesota State Fire Dept. Association newspaper

In addition to shooting for your book and periodical projects, I'm available to take pictures of your products for use in promotional materials or on your website. Drop me a line with your needs.